José Bedia

Solitary Sailor

June 7- 28, 2014

Solitary Sailor
In homage to Reginald Marsh, Edger Jean Baptiste, Bill Traylor, Buddy Guy

“You don’t have to be the best in town,
Just try to be the best until the best comes around.”
-Buddy Guy

As the title suggests, this show attempts a solitary journey through the
different experiences in our contemporary times. Some of these are
things I like and some are not. Some are awful things and others beautiful.
Some permanent while others ephemeral and non-transcendental.
Things that are natural and things tied to technology, and the confrontation
that occurs between eternal, frivolous and hedonistic forces, conditions
to which we are now unfortunately more exposed than ever.
Perhaps we have become used to accepting insufferable things without
protest. Confusing an authentic cultural product with simple entertainment,
we have come to endure the distance existing between a Billie
Holiday and Etta James, and a Madonna and Lady Gaga. Tolerate the gap
from Goya and Joseph Beuys to Jeff Koons and Damian Hirst. Bear the
stretch from the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix to Pitbull and Justin Bieber. I
am trying here to handle an ethical and esthetical position while in the
midst of so much vulgarity and shamelessness, aided along the way by a
large dose of humor. I want to continue betting on the capacity of art as
redemption, and in the capability of revenge through art.

-José Bedia